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Coral Green


  • Dark green Coral with glossy, incised leaf
  • Quick growing, good vigour
  • Very serrated and uniform
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  • Mid to light green lettuce for babyleaf production
  • Attractive shape with fine leaf attachment
  • Strong vigour with good shelf life and high yield potential
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  • Light to mid green Coral for babyleaf
  • Frilly leaf margin and fine leaf attachment
  • Good Uniformity and excellent shelf life
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Secco Nr

  • Curly green Coral for babyleaf production
  • Nice shape and good volume with light green leaves
  • Good uniformity and suitable for year-round harvest
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  • Dark green multileaf for babyleaf all-year-round
  • Uniform, vigorous growth habit
  • Crisp, thick texture and glossy leaf
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Coral Red


  • Dark red Coral babyleaf
  • Fine leaf attachment
  • Glossy leaf and frilly margin
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Archangel Nr

  • Dark green Cos for babyleaf
  • Uniform and vigorous growing variety
  • Fine leaf attachment, suitable for year-round use
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  • Red babyleaf Cos for use in salad mix only
  • Dark red, shorter leaf type
  • Good shelf life
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  • Good uniformity and vigorous growth
  • Full Downy Mildew Resistance
  • Fine leaf attachment and thick, dark green leaves
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  • Upright, red Cos lettuce for babyleaf with a fine leaf attachment
  • Intense, dark red leaves with a green base
  • Suitable for year-round production
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  • Dark red Oakleaf for babyleaf production
  • Fine leaf attachment and excellent uniformity
  • Thick and glossy, round-lobed leaf
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  • Dark green glossy Oak for multi-cutting
  • Thick leaf with fine stem attachment
  • Vigorous and uniform
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Nicky Nr

  • Dark green babyleaf Oakleaf
  • Glossy leaves with erect growth and fine attachment
  • Sweet flavour and suitable for year-round use
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  • Bright red, shiny Oakleaf for babyleaf production
  • Thick leaves with rounded lobes and nice serration
  • Uniform, compact to medium plant
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  • Triple red Oakleaf with a fine stem attachment
  • Medium to thick serrated leaf
  • Very upright and good for multi-cutting
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Lettuce Downy Mildew Disease Information

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Disease Information

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The information provided is based on an average of data and observations collected from our trials. Significant variations may occur in the performance due to a range of conditions including cultural/management practices, climate, soil type and geographic location. As a consequence South Pacific Seeds cannot accept any liability as to the accuracy of this information. ACN 002 887 256