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A mix of mustard greens is just the thing for adding a bit of spice to your salad dishes. Can also be lightly steamed or gently sauteed and served as a delicious vegetable. Mustard greens are generally believed to have a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels.

Chop Suey

  • Glossy dark green Tatsoi with thick leaf
  • Suited for year-round babyleaf production
  • Good shelf life
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  • Prolific growing serrated mustard
  • Well suited to babyleaf with good regrowth
  • Light green leaf with a white stem
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  • Deep red-purple mizuna with green underside and bright green stem
  • Glossy, serrated, 3D leaf with strong vigour
  • Excellent uniformity and shelf life, bolting tolerance
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  • Medium-dark green mustard
  • Vigorous variety with excellent gloss
  • Narrow leaf with light serration and good shelf life
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  • Dark green mustard with light green stem
  • High yielding, holds well, strong bolting tolerance
  • Excellent uniformity and shelf life, year-round production
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  • Deep green, glossy Oriental mustard
  • Spoon-shaped thick leaves with excellent flavour
  • Suitable for year-round use
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Disease Information

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The information provided is based on an average of data and observations collected from our trials. Significant variations may occur in the performance due to a range of conditions including cultural/management practices, climate, soil type and geographic location. As a consequence South Pacific Seeds cannot accept any liability as to the accuracy of this information. ACN 002 887 256