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Round / Gourmet


  • Classy field indeterminate with Fol:3 resistance
  • Strong plant with high yield potential
  • Striking presentation in box with excellent firmness at red
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  • Classy indeterminate field variety with intermediate resistance to TSWV and Nematodes
  • Medium-large fruit with an attractive shape, glossy red colour and excellent firmness
  • Nicely balanced plant with good yield and leaf cover
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  • Indeterminate LSL variety for areas requiring Fol:1-3 and TYLCV
  • Strong plant with good yield potential
  • 170-180g globe shape fruit with good firmness at mature red
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  • Large fruited LSL type popular in SE Qld
  • Deep oblate shape with large fruit size
  • Excellent uniformity and weather tolerance
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Greenhouse Truss


  • 160g cluster type for heated greenhouse
  • Labour friendly plant with open habit and upright leaf structure
  • Early maturing variety with high production potential
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Greenhouse ROUND


  • Attractive glossy red beef type 240-280 Grams
  • Excellent deep red fruit with good firmness and shelf life, suited to loose pick hydroponic production
  • Balanced easy care plant producing extra-large fruit with high tolerance to Torradovirus
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  • Large beef type for loose pick market
  • Excellent setting ability with a strong disease package
  • Large fruit size with good colour at red
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  • Medium large fruited type for the loose pick market
  • Strong plant with consistent set throughout the plant
  • Excellent firmness and shelf life with attractive appearance
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Disease Information

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The information provided is based on an average of data and observations collected from our trials. Significant variations may occur in the performance due to a range of conditions including cultural/management practices, climate, soil type and geographic location. As a consequence South Pacific Seeds cannot accept any liability as to the accuracy of this information. ACN 002 887 256