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Infinite Gold

High Resistance: Fom: 0-2, Px: 1, 2

INFINITE GOLD is a rockmelon in the Harper style and has been bred for flavour, fruit quality and extended shelf life with a strong disease package of Powdery Mildew (Px) and Fusarium (Fom) . The variety has shown very good tolerance to ground cracking in trials to date. The vigorous vine sets mostly on the crown with uniform fruit size and shape, and a high yield potential. The fruit have a round oval shape with dry cavity, excellent firmness and dark orange internal colour. The melons have a blue green background with attractive net cover. The fruit of INFINITE GOLD are large in size, mostly in the 6-9 range, when grown in the correct timeslot. Sugars can reach levels of 12-14°Bx at correct maturity under favourable conditions. Harvest guides to help pickers and packers judge the optimum maturity timing are available from your local SPS rep or Branch office.

Harley Capsicum

Intermediate Resistance: Xcv: 1-3

HARLEY is a large blocky field capsicum for planting in the Warlock segment. The fruit have a large deep blocky shape, with good size and depth maintained in later sets. HARLEY has a more compact plant type whilst maintaining good leaf cover, with less lodging and fruit burn under pressure conditions. Although a little later and slower to colour than Ducati, HARLEY offers tolerance to crazing and shoulder cracks. The fruit are clean and firm at red, and hold well on the plant with less breakdown.